Take Your Place in God's Kingdom Plan for Your Life!  We are chosen to live holy.  We truly are God's children.  We do not belong in sin and darkness. Live in the Light!

What is Prayer?  And, why Pray?  We spend time with God for the same reasons we spend time with others in our lives that we love.  God loves us and we love Him.  We are His family.  It is dysfunctional to be in a family relationship with someone you do not talk too or listen to what they have to say. Prayer is more than just asking for what you want.

The love of God has been expressed throughout time but as stated in Hebrews chapter 1, God has spoken it most recently to us by His Son Jesus. 





God is pleased when He sees us wholeheartedly walking in obedience to what He says. It should be our greatest desire to please our Heavenly Father.

Jesus really did change us!  We are new.  In our new life there are things we MUST Know.